Tree pose.

I’ve discovered Artist A Day by adding the app to my iGoogle home page. The site features “New Art Every Day,” delivered right to my desktop.

Today’s new art is called, “Birdcage” by Los Angeles, CA-based artist Tony Hong, who works exclusively in ink. I totally like the theme … a tree after my own heart, if you will.

For anyone in yoga practice, you may relate to this observation: I’ve also discovered that my sense of balance is a little …how you say… timid these days. Practicing tree pose is revealing this to me.

And I think I’ve found a new visual for balance; a little bird(cage) told me.

Yoga high.

April is a time of renewal for me, when I rejoice in the freedom of a recharge.

This April, I’m starting to practice yoga more consistently. After a year of taking no classes, I sign up at the local studio I’ve had my eye on all along. I hesitated before because of the expense; now, after only two classes –well, I’m on a yoga high. I am thrilled and so very grateful for the physical wellbeing, in spite of a little stiffness. Yoga practice gives my body the strength it needs to banish my back and arthritis pain; it opens up my heart and lungs to breathe … I mean, really breathe. Such a simple thing, breathing; it’s amazing how many times a day I hold my breath. Why? The added joy of my new classes is in the meditation of devoting an hour+ to practice as well as a certain sense of community, of collective consciousness.

This April, I’ve planned a plethora of pleasurable programs for my pursuit of practice (too much?) on other levels, too. For those who practice The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron has launched a online version! Check it out. My plans for gardening have stalled –we had a thunder-lightning-hail storm last night- and I’m celebrating 13 years of marriage. I am also looking forward to a writer’s retreat later in the month; yet it is yoga practice that is inspiring me to move ahead. Truly taking steps … one at a time!


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Sun salutation photo: Flickr, justanotherpumpkin