Tree pose.

I’ve discovered Artist A Day by adding the app to my iGoogle home page. The site features “New Art Every Day,” delivered right to my desktop.

Today’s new art is called, “Birdcage” by Los Angeles, CA-based artist Tony Hong, who works exclusively in ink. I totally like the theme … a tree after my own heart, if you will.

For anyone in yoga practice, you may relate to this observation: I’ve also discovered that my sense of balance is a little …how you say… timid these days. Practicing tree pose is revealing this to me.

And I think I’ve found a new visual for balance; a little bird(cage) told me.


The ides of March.

Ancient history marks this particular ides (there are more than one in the Roman calendar) as a day of military festival. Of course, its infamy lies with Julius Caesar’s demise  – “beware the ides of March.”

In my own history, the most entertaining Ides of March is the Xena: Warrior Princess episode of the same name. I wrote and produced image and episodic promotion packages for this syndicated series for over three years. I also laughed for no less than 30 minutes every day. What a joy to work on this project (shouts go out to my Day Husband for this).

Yet I mark the ides of March as the anniversary of life-long pain, actually. On March 15, as a sophomore in high school, I sprain both ankles and knees when a dismount off a balance beam goes bad (Coach Finley makes sure I know how stupid this stunt is). At the time, I also dance in a local ballet company; just weeks afterwards, I perform en pointe, sans ace bandages. I am also a cheerleader (egads!) and continue to train. The recovery of youth …

I have balance then. Now, I do the tree pose in my yoga class with two feet on the ground. I’m not sure when I lose my balance, but I know when the pain begins. It’s odd that I can handle the effects of injury and eventually arthritis, but the loss of balance plays with my mind. How did I let it happen? When?

So today, I’m thinking about life-long battles and how to overcome them. Every day…

Battle On, Xena.

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