The ides of March.

Ancient history marks this particular ides (there are more than one in the Roman calendar) as a day of military festival. Of course, its infamy lies with Julius Caesar’s demise  – “beware the ides of March.”

In my own history, the most entertaining Ides of March is the Xena: Warrior Princess episode of the same name. I wrote and produced image and episodic promotion packages for this syndicated series for over three years. I also laughed for no less than 30 minutes every day. What a joy to work on this project (shouts go out to my Day Husband for this).

Yet I mark the ides of March as the anniversary of life-long pain, actually. On March 15, as a sophomore in high school, I sprain both ankles and knees when a dismount off a balance beam goes bad (Coach Finley makes sure I know how stupid this stunt is). At the time, I also dance in a local ballet company; just weeks afterwards, I perform en pointe, sans ace bandages. I am also a cheerleader (egads!) and continue to train. The recovery of youth …

I have balance then. Now, I do the tree pose in my yoga class with two feet on the ground. I’m not sure when I lose my balance, but I know when the pain begins. It’s odd that I can handle the effects of injury and eventually arthritis, but the loss of balance plays with my mind. How did I let it happen? When?

So today, I’m thinking about life-long battles and how to overcome them. Every day…

Battle On, Xena.

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