God given window of opportunity.

Here in the Northwest, we experience the (possibly conceived by man) phenomenon known as sun breaks.

During a cloudy day, the sun breaks through, offering a bit of blue sky and a respite from relentless rain drops. Weather people indicate possible sun breaks by showing both cloud and sun icons in their forecasts.

This is always a good sign.

Sun breaks can last a few minutes or a few hours; it all depends. They’re a God-given window of opportunity; all I know is, you’ve gotta take your shot -at an outdoor walk, for instance- the moment you see one. My kitties stretch themselves out immediately in the ray of light coming through a window. Otherwise, they stay curled up and cozy for warmth.

It’s easy to see the value of a sun break. Far less so to appreciate it.

I try and take a cue from my kitties … I can compose a sentence just as easily sitting in the light as I can in the gray, can’t I?


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