Yoga high.

April is a time of renewal for me, when I rejoice in the freedom of a recharge.

This April, I’m starting to practice yoga more consistently. After a year of taking no classes, I sign up at the local studio I’ve had my eye on all along. I hesitated before because of the expense; now, after only two classes –well, I’m on a yoga high. I am thrilled and so very grateful for the physical wellbeing, in spite of a little stiffness. Yoga practice gives my body the strength it needs to banish my back and arthritis pain; it opens up my heart and lungs to breathe … I mean, really breathe. Such a simple thing, breathing; it’s amazing how many times a day I hold my breath. Why? The added joy of my new classes is in the meditation of devoting an hour+ to practice as well as a certain sense of community, of collective consciousness.

This April, I’ve planned a plethora of pleasurable programs for my pursuit of practice (too much?) on other levels, too. For those who practice The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron has launched a online version! Check it out. My plans for gardening have stalled –we had a thunder-lightning-hail storm last night- and I’m celebrating 13 years of marriage. I am also looking forward to a writer’s retreat later in the month; yet it is yoga practice that is inspiring me to move ahead. Truly taking steps … one at a time!


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Sun salutation photo: Flickr, justanotherpumpkin


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