List maker.

What is it about the human psyche that responds to lists?

Americans have our top 10’s, our winners, our honeydo’s, our grocery lists. I’m an organized person and pretty old school about my lists – I like to write them out and check them off (if applicable).

Can you tell a lot about a person from their lists? Hmmm. Take, for instance, my own fickle list of favorites, (partial, among other things):

Favorite guilty pleasure: ABC’s Castle

Favorite current TV image campaign: USA’s Characters Welcome

Favorite recent television commercial: iPad, VO: Peter Coyote

Favorite newscast: ABC World News

All-time favorite newscast: CBS News Sunday Morning

Favorite TVchef du jour: Roger Mooking, Everyday Exotic

Favorite new spice mix: vadouvan

Favorite drink: all things wine

Favorite mind game: meditation

Favorite exercise: yoga

Favorite fashion inspiration: Anthropologie windows, catalogs … and shoes

Favorite book at the moment: Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Favorite music discovery: Tina Malia, The Silent Awakening

Favorite sanctuary: San Diego

Favorite thought-provoker: spirituality & religion

Favorite garden flower: geraniums, especially scented geraniums

Favorite night sky: full moon in the desert

Favorite Steeler: Hines Ward

Favorite Charger: Antonio Gates

Favorite Cowboy: blue-eyed Miles Austin

Favorite Saint: Drew Brees

Favorite Falcon: Michel Turner

Favorite Giant after Michael Strahan: Osi Umenyiora

All-time favorite coach: Bill Parcells

Favorite owner I love to hate: Jerry Jones

Favorite NFL TV show: FOX NFL Sunday

Favorite football commentator of 2010: Jon Gruden

Favorite other sport to watch: Tennis, especially the US Open

Favorite moment of the day: the moment of gratitude

Now … you tell me.

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