Enthusiastic response.

I learned recently that the Greek root of the word, enthusiasm literally means “inside God,” interpreted as being inspired or possessed by divinity.

What is your last enthusiastic response? Does it bring you joy?

My most enthusiastic response is re-dedication to my yoga practice. I come away from class in a state of grace, joyful, in the present moment. And it flows into everything else that I set my mind to. Enthusiastically. Like the vinyasa I practice … inhale, move through deadlines … exhale …set my mind at ease.

The release is my play.

The effervescence is the laughter of my soul.

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4 thoughts on “Enthusiastic response.

  1. Phyllis R. Furlong, RN says:

    Janet, you always have been bubbly and enthusiastic. You are undoubtedly an excellent student of yoga. Sigh!

  2. Janet says:

    Laura, I get enthusiastic about gardening, too! Right now, I’ve been creating an Asian-inspired garden … in my head. I did get a fantastic piece of garden art. The weather’s starting to cooperate, too.

    Does gardening bring you joy?

  3. Janet says:

    Thanks for such kind words, Phyl! Just got back from a yoga class -with that smile on my face! Enjoy the weekend- oxo

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