Go ahead. Ask.

Who are you? What do you want? Do you believe in the wisdom of uncertainty? Why would kitties sit in any sliver of sun when it shines? Does love come into the heart with a song? Can you wrap your legs around your head? Do you want someone to listen to you? How many times do you sneeze in the morning? Is that coffee in your cup? Which do you prefer – the left coast or the right? Is that a live oak or a red oak? Are you a gold or silver kind of person? Can you watusi? Do you want to be heard? What is the color of heat? Do you think if you live the questions, life will move you to the answers? Are you fascinated by the shape of trees? Do you like reading my posts? Why not sign up for an email subscription – you receive a little somthin’-somthin’ to ponder every Tuesday and Thursday? What is my purpose?


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