A walk in the clouds.

Walking is my preferred exercise. There’s nothing like opening my front door to a bright clear day, stepping out to feel the sunshine and traveling around the neighborhood on foot. I enjoy these kinds of walks just about every day — uh, no. Wait.

I forget where I am. I live in the Northwest now. Sunny days don’t always apply.

For months, I struggle with the dark break of day. The sun don’t shine, I don’t walk. It’s a little embarrassing, really. Like I can’t handle change. Won’t adapt, get my groove back. I stress over these kinds of excuses just about every day …

Until I make one small shift in thought. One click-through to a new visual. It all comes together then, opens my front door.

Now, I take

a walk in the clouds.

Photo: Cloudy day in the Northwest, by Marty Muniz


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