Video transcription can be a tedious task, and an important one nonetheless. The more detailed and complete video transcription is, the better an accomplished writer/producer can craft the material into a compelling story.

With this work, I make the connection. Find the reason. Write the story.

“When you smile at people … they smile back,” says Janice Brown, a patient at The Art of Dentistry in San Diego, CA, “and you establish a connection with other people in a way that I never knew was available for me.”

More than 25 years ago, a horrible bike accident knocks out all of Janice’s teeth, and she endures emergency dental and facial surgery. The doctors do the best they can at the time, but it leaves her with a smile she is not comfortable with.

It changes her life. “I had planned to be a broadcast journalist. But because I lost my smile, I thought I should become a lawyer,” she says. “I thought I should use my brain.”

Her experience at The Art of Dentistry changes her life once more. “A number of friends have said to me, what have you done lately? Have you lost weight? Did you color your hair different – they don’t know what’s happened…

…And all I do is smile at them.”

This is it! The reason to believe. And I write the story.


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