Accomplish now.

THE START OF SOMETHING. A satisfying place to be. All anticipation and lightning. Until compromise comes up.

Where did this word get such a negative connotation? NO COMPROMISE – Movie trailers. Ad copy. It’s actually inherent in the word’s definition; settling differences by concessions, giving in – exposed to vulnerability. Mutually, of course.

If the tree doesn’t bend, then it cannot live completely, in harmony so close to others. Accommodate. Connect. Debate. Pool resources … Mind meld, work as one, creative partnership, give and take, simpatico.

Look what we can accomplish now.


A walk in the clouds.

Walking is my preferred exercise. There’s nothing like opening my front door to a bright clear day, stepping out to feel the sunshine and traveling around the neighborhood on foot. I enjoy these kinds of walks just about every day — uh, no. Wait.

I forget where I am. I live in the Northwest now. Sunny days don’t always apply.

For months, I struggle with the dark break of day. The sun don’t shine, I don’t walk. It’s a little embarrassing, really. Like I can’t handle change. Won’t adapt, get my groove back. I stress over these kinds of excuses just about every day …

Until I make one small shift in thought. One click-through to a new visual. It all comes together then, opens my front door.

Now, I take

a walk in the clouds.

Photo: Cloudy day in the Northwest, by Marty Muniz

The creative practice.

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about . . .

Say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.


Creativity is personal. Emotional. Mindful. An act of faith. Ideas can germinate for an entire growing season or spring to life in an instant. Aha.

I find the creative process to be a creative practice. One I partake in daily.

I’m a writer, a producer, a brand manager, a marketer. I help others by crafting their ideas into inspiring communication – which usually involves my own ideas, too, because my particular talent is building from nothing. Sometimes.

My creative practice not only engages my mind, but my heart. Always.