Spring Plant Sale – Celebrating 50 Years

Lake Wilderness Arboretum in Maple Valley, Washington is Celebrating 50 Years of Volunteerism this year. The second event of the season: the annual Spring Plant Sale, a wonderful fundraiser with something for the whole family … including native and specialty plants! Traditionally held each year on Mother’s Day Weekend, beautiful weather and sunshine also showed up May 8 & 9 for the fabulous celebration.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Plant Sale – Celebrating 50 Years

  1. Allen, Teresa says:

    Hey Janet, I was there with my mother, husband, stepdad and Alexandra Liggins on Saturday for plant sales. Missed you. I got a few great plants but didn’t think they had as much this year as in years past. Nice way to spend Moms Day weekend. How have you been? I haven’t seen you for a long time. Do you still go to Maya’s ? Let me know if you want to meet me after work at the Arboretum, lovely place for a walk. I have to walk every day or my pups are mad at me. I think the next restorative practice at YogaSmith is June 7. I might try to make it unless hiking or camping.


    • Hi Teresa – I took pictures on Friday because I wasn’t able to get over there on Saturday. I believe over the winter growing season in the hoop house, the Arboretum lost some of their plants to the cold, etc. Local vendors offered a larger variety of merchandise in addition to plants; many of the vendors that exhibited in years past have retired. I’m hanging in there, still plagued with chronic pain. Yes, I continue to practice at Maya – mostly Kristen’s 12:15 pm classes on Mon-Wed. I’ll probably change this schedule in June, as I most likely will need to attend weekly conference calls on Mondays at that time. Will try Alec Davis’ last afternoon class on Mondays. Missed Alex’s last two workshops. I hope to make it to the Restorative on June 7, too. We’ll have to plan a meet-up for an Arboretum walk soon. Thanks for reaching out! Janet

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