There’s this thing making the rounds on social media lately. The Top 15 Movies or TV Series That Have Made an Impact on You Challenge. I am simply not able to let it go. So … here’s my list and the reasoning behind it:

Dances with Wolves – makes me so very humble and truly present
Star Wars – gives me unexpected joy
Out of Africa – resonates with my heart
Beauty and the Beast – perfect in every way, plus I know all the songs by heart
JFK – who was assassinated on my birthday
Cinema Paradiso – the essence of movie magic
Being There – my kind of humor
Murphy’s Romance – the law of attraction
Picket Fences – three words: David E. Kelley (and the funniest fart scene I’ve ever seen on screen)
Northern Exposure – hooked from the first promo, for the first time
CBS Sunday Morning – Charles Kuralt is the reason I work in media
That Girl – young girlish goodness
“The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross – my introduction to meditation
Food Network – Barefoot Contessa/Tyler’s Ultimate/Michael Chiarello’s Easy Entertaining in particular – brings me out of a burnout stupor
Rocky & Bullwinkle (especially Fractured Fairytales) – understanding that a brilliant mind can be crazy, too

Here are a few extras (Only 15? Come on!):
The Shawshank Redemption – definition of hope … and the discovery of Zihuatanejo
The Way We Were – opening scenes shot at Union College in Schenectady, NY
Sophie’s Choice – the power of a single, unflinching camera angle
The Flying Nun – I look so much like Sally Field as a young girl, folks call me “Gidget.” And they are spot on, only I relate to The Flying Nun a little more -what, with me wanting to be a nun at the time
Lonesome Dove – I am a cowboy in another life
Xena: Warrior Princess – laughter all day, every day, whistling while I work

These, I keep coming back to … for now!

  • Janet Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative articles, inspiring blog posts and engaging video content. Currently a Creative Content Strategist with EverEffect | Internet Marketing Agency & Consulting Firm, her personal blog is devoted to filling the well with poetry, pictures and originality.

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