Extreme dieting.

I’m enduring a bit of a dental emergency, the sudden and unexpected demise of a tooth that’s been with me since the beginning. For years, this very efficient tool of the trade let me enjoy healthful breakfasts, delicious lunches and gourmet dinners with ease. Amuse-bouche, anyone?

Right now, it’s hanging on by dental floss, cracked in places I can’t see, awaiting its fate by screaming in pain. Constantly. Who knew it has so much to complain about?

I’m waiting, too –for the antibiotics to brush away the infection, and the pain meds to dull the noise. Can we hold on for eight more days?

One thing’s for certain: the days of wine and roses are over for us. It’s liquid lunch until the end.

  • Janet Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative articles, inspiring blog posts and effective video content. To hire her, contact her here.

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