Wall words.

While walking through Target one shopping trip, I spot this vinyl lettering art on display. I’ve always admired the wall words of museum exhibits –interesting bits of information printed cleanly on the paint. And now, I see an affordable version of this art for us consumers.

What a spark of creative energy!

I start thinking about a series of printed word craft projects. During my gig covering the children’s product industry I’ve written blurbs about WallCandy Arts –removable wall decals for kids’ rooms- and go searching for an adult version of the same e-tailer. Enter Wall Words. Here, you can choose your poison, customize your message … create something. I start to visualize some of my favorite inspirational quotes and go from there.

Special Note: Ramona in the Pines is the name given to our Northwest abode. Built in the same year as Casa Ramona, our long-time Southern California home, this house is so reminiscent of my beloved sanctuary, it’s named in its honor. Translated into Spanish, French and Italian, I fit the pieces together in a couple of hours.


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