Jobs out there.

I like to browse the jobs section of the Cirque du Soleil website –especially the On Stage section. Right now, there’s an opening for a Skipper (Are you a rope skipper seeking a new venue for your passion?) It’s funny how the needs of such a magical employer can bring you back to your truth.

Right now, I like the sound of being a Customer Experience Architect (Are you a designer of optimal customer experiences seeking a new venue for your passion?) You’d be responsible for things like:

-creating a business strategy for the customer experience across multi-channel product

-leading the cultural transformation of internal employees
-providing intuitive Experience Designs

-ideating contextual scenario designs used to drive customer experiences

-storyboarding ideas

You’d need to be qualified in things like Human Factor Design and User Experience Design. You’d probably need to be a Thinker, a Communicator and a Writer, I expect.

It’s funny how just capitalizing these roles makes them seem worthy of a salary.


2 thoughts on “Jobs out there.

  1. Janet says:

    For the Skipping job? It’s so tempting, isn’t it?!

    Not sure where to apply for a Customer Experience Architect gig; I saw the title behind a writer’s name in a byline and goggled. Not tebowed, just googled (or is it giggled?! Both, I guess).

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