Bacon and eggs.

Did your mom ever tell you to start your day right by eating a good breakfast? Mine did … and I spent my college years (and more time than I care to remember) NOT starting my day off right at all.

Mom was probably referring to fueling up for physical energy, but I’ve come to understand the phrase as meaning much more. Now, I start my day right with rituals that fuel my mind, body and soul:

Meditation. I take a little time every morning to simply be. Whatever time I can spare, it’s usually about 15 minutes.

Morning Pages. I practice Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, so I write three pages of “brain drain” in longhand each morning. This takes me about half an hour and it’s amazing what this does for my thinking  process.

Breakfast. I break the evening fast with something to eat every morning. I may be doing other things, too – but Mom is right. It sure helps not feeling hungry on deadline.

Exercise. Because I work freelance, I shift my daily schedule to suit my needs (something anyone can do, really). So I don’t have to get in a daily walk at the crack of dawn. I usually take a break from working with a walk outdoors. If it’s raining (and it is many days here) I walk the 14 stairs in my house.

Accomplishing any one of these rituals could start my day “right,” yet when done all together, they are the bacon and eggs of my day.

And I’m very grateful!

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons, jeffreyw


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