There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding the zodiac and horoscopes lately, but it doesn’t change the experience I get from reading Free Will Astrology. Or the inspiration. It’s my little dose of pronoia (the antidote for paranoia), every time I read from Rob Brezsny‘s newsletter or weekly horoscope reading.

This week, Rob tells Sagittarians (among other things), “In the Beauty and Truth Lab parlance, ‘Uber-Fun’ (always capitalized) refers to righteous delight that inspires you to shed limiting beliefs, thereby making you trickier, smarter, kinder, and wilder. Go out and have some Uber-Fun.” It’s his “sacred advertisement” for us archers.

I have to say, Rob only has to tell me this once. And it has nothing to do with what the stars say.

My dad got me interested in the zodiac when I was a little girl. And I’ve been reading my horoscope ever since. I wonder sometimes what he’d think of Free Will Astrology. I know what I think: it’s my constant source of joy and delight. Not to mention Uber-Fun.

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