Torrey Pines.

Approach softly,

kiss the lip. Allow the mouth to open fully.

Note the shimmer, where it crosses into mist.

Let the sunbeams fall away,

beyond the shoulder. Blue and bitters, the color of salmon

Walk to the wind, pacing the nape of the neck.

Stand on air,

lift the heart. Hold the head in one fine line.

TorreyPines_Hear the silence, where it crosses into song.

Wrap the water loosely

between the legs. Green and gritty, the scent of lightness

Embrace the body, until the day is done.

  • Janet Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative articles, inspiring blog posts and engaging video content. Her personal blog is devoted to filling the well with poetry, pictures and originality.

Photo by Anonymous, Panoramio