Successful unveil.

After celebrating five years of publishing trade magazine HUDSON’S Childrenswear Review, co-founder Margaret Mobius took stock of her media company’s future. “In recent months, we have taken the time to really consider our dream – our brand, goal and focus, and our customers’ needs and wishes,” she says. “Now, we are excited to introduce to you our newly re-designed website.”

On July 1, Margaret and our staff unveiled a clean, well-organized online presence for HUDSON’S featuringa “magazine flipbook” version of our current issue and a nifty advertiser section that highlights our advertisers in a stand-out way.

Developed by Jordan Mansfield, the all-new also has links to official blog HCRSourceBook (two years’ publishing in May), HUDSON’S Facebook page and more.

I’m excited! It’s a fabulous start to the rest of 2011 and beyond!

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Kind words.

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Here’s the original page, if you’re interested: FromTheEditor_HUDSONS072010