Orderly conduct.

I have a lot of respect for order. It is the order in my life that helps me to recognize opportunity, and act upon the wisdom of uncertainty.

The routine of my day can open up a whole new world of possibility –when I allow myself to see it. Noticing inspiration in the everyday is a practice that gives back when you least expect it.

Which brings me to the subject of deadlines. Surely, deadlines are the stuff of order, and in a professional writer’s world, they are a way to schedule our work. Surely, they’re the blueprint, the drawing, the overview, a place to start; surely, we promote the accomplishment of delivering finished projects “on time and on budget.” Order in motion.

Deadlines are in our world so we can fall into the gap between them, and live lives of extraordinary creation.

Laugh loud and often; the cosmic joke is on us.

Photo op by Kevin

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