Note to self.

Lately you’ve been questioning all the things that define you. You’re having trouble sleeping, you’re crying in yoga class, you’re putting it out there just how unsure you are.

And the Universe is listening. Consider these subject lines of recently emails:

“Should You Give Up or Keep Going?”

“‘Creative Thinkering'” reignites your imagination”

“Thank you for applying – position cancelled”

“Music to awaken your soul”

“16 Ways to Feel More Fulfilled at Work”

“Creative people earning a living” … “People do not always make breakthroughs because they refused to quit. Sometimes they make them because they know when to quit” … “Fresh and Savory Tomato Pie” … “Play with Word Meanings to Create Essays” … “Why Google wants goats” … “How Good is Your Idea?” … “A special surprise is included inside” …

Now before you go chalking it all up to menopause mind (a very likely culprit regardless), consider the most intriguing shift in thought you’ve considered all week:

“Fame is simply a better and more effective way to live your life.”

-Jay and Maggie Jessup

Whoa. Never quite looked at fame that way. Where is this going?

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