The writer patriot.

The reason for a trip to the Arizona desert becomes crystal clear.

  • Janet Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative articles, inspiring blog posts and engaging video content. Her personal blog, The Shape of Trees, is devoted to filling the well with poetry, pictures and originality.

2 thoughts on “The writer patriot.

  1. Teresa says:

    Janet, Was this picture taken in Arizona?. We enjoy those beautiful Carndinals against the intense blue sky of the Sonoran desert. I am heading there in about a week, can hardly wait. Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a great spot for birding or just being there.

    • Hi Teresa! Wow, good eye. I took this picture at the Historic C.O.D. Ranch in Oracle, outside of Tucson. I attended a writing retreat and workshop there. The cardinals visited every morning; the sun was out, the sky was blue … but it was chilly, in the mountains! Glad you’re looking forward to your trip; I’m looking forward to it for you!

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