Bird on a train.

I mean to be consumed by a device, unapproachable and far away.

Like all the rest.

But I hear the music, and it’s been years.

Blue of sky, grumbling floor, wide expanse of bridge and blur

Warm to the touch, imagining the ride,

I open up

to light and air, and a bald eagle traveling.

We fly side by side, nose to nose. Like a run for the roses-

he on the outside, me on the in- only we mean to arrive together.

I look around, no one else is seeing.

I look again, white feather fan in the breeze, and I know.

Match his smile and sway, before he soars out of sight.

Later, as sky descends with the power of steel and metallic might-

a rainbow appears against the dark.

I look around, no one else is seeing.

I look again, sun breaks to the west, and I know.

Come in close, then let go, with outstretched arms and toes.

photo of an eagle in flight by jc.winkler

  • Janet Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative articles, inspiring blog posts and effective video content. To hire her, contact her here.

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