Wow That’s Fantastic.

On the drive to my yoga studio, I pass a billboard advertising a local fitness center. I don’t ever look at it, but I do today.

The very affordable “$10 A Month?” message hardly registers, given the huge-front-and-center “WTF”. For me, the real eye candy is the fresh explanation for this particular acronym: “Wow That’s Fantastic.” As I smile, thinking to myself, It’s all in your perspective, I also wonder, Is the world ready for a new meaning of WTF?

Go travel the “WWW” for an answer. This billboard has been seen across the country for at least six months or more. There’s a Facebook page devoted to it, a YouTube video, television news stories plus a plethora of blog posts having this conversation. Apparently, this WTF gets people talking. Or is it Planet Fitness? I can’t tell.

It appears that a Florida-based agency called Anson-Stoner is responsible for the bold purple-and-yellow ad campaign –although they’re not taking credit publicly (i.e., on the website) for this, the most outrageous creative, which is not out of line with the rest of the messaging (see example to the left). It’s a pretty attention-grabbing campaign, Anson-Stoner.

But I digress.

It really is all in your perspective. “Give me a break, WTF has been around a lot longer than the abbreviation used for potty language,” comments Trevor Michael Rogers on Facebook. “WTF stands for World Taekwondo Federation where I come from.” There it is. On the Planet Fitness, it means “Wow That’s Fantastic” … and Janet Planet agrees.

  • Janet “Planet” Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative articles, inspiring blog posts and effective video content. To hire her, contact her here.

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