I may not be …

… where I want to be right now, or well connected. Or satisfied and energized.
Clear-headed instead of confused … pretty instead of beautiful.
I may have doubts and hesitate; I may stride when a walk will do.
I could be too loud, too opinionated, too sensitive, too sentimental.
I wonder what took me so long; wish I handled it differently, or hope I dream another dream … if the opportunity comes my way.
I look into the hole of my heart too much, wondering if it ever will be filled. I hear the songs of my soul too often, spending mornings and evenings, time in the mists.
I suspend my disbelief; bury my convictions; excuse my aches and pain.
I’m surprised by my ingenuity and thank God for my humanity.
And when I love, I do so deeply … and madly.
Which makes all the rest alright.

Janet Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative profile articles, inspiring blog posts and effective video content. To contact her, click here.


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