Cradle will rock.

Photo by mikeyskatie

On a clear day like today, it’s so easy to see why folks are drawn to Seattle. Out beyond, like the world hidden by the mists of Avalon, you can finally look at the mighty Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascades to the east, cradling the low lands with scallops all around, dusted in white and mystery. On one side, Mt. Rainer rises quietly at the horizon, so motionless … it’s usually your heart which takes a leap after you spot it.

The sun warms the air just enough to allow for a little heat in your belly, too -firing up the energy to reach that much further.

On a clear night like tonight, the full moon shines through the pines and the stars shimmer in a sky the color of elegance, illuminating a hint of what lies ahead … instead.

Photo by brianteutsch

Janet Muniz is an award-winning professional writer known for informative profile articles, inspiring blog posts and effective video content. To contact her, click here.


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