Red arrow in a white room.

While in college, a mystic tells me I remind her of “a red arrow in a white room.” This visual -and the idea behind it– influences me today, especially when it comes to creating my work. I keep thinking about bringing “Red Arrow/White Room” to life with a personal inspiration video.

Structure: visuals, graphics, music and the spoken word. Silence may also work for this project, too. Moments of silence, anyway.

I have a graphic artist friend who is returning to school; she needs a school project (or should I say experiment?) and I can offer up mine to her. She could create the visuals/graphics.

I could do my own music search online to find a suitable piece of music (or many edited together).

Probably use my own voice as voiceover (voice in my head, so to speak).

About 3:00 in length (Three is one of my “numbers”).

My own vision has an ancient wisdom sensibility; it summons the universal mind as it were to evoke a creative call to action for me … and ultimately others searching for creative motivation.

First line: RED ARROW ENTERS WHITE ROOM … What next?

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