Snaps for brainywoman.

The global community of inspiring women is awesome. Always supportive and social, it’s really satisfying to serve them. Fun, too.

Recently, one of my clients –– was nominated as “Most Positive Website in June” by Site creator Bonnidette Lantz interviews Patricia Anaya –the woman behind here. Snaps!

One of the things Bonnidette loves about is reading our stories featuring all those brainywomen out there creating a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. “So, every time you highlight a brainywoman, there is a chance one of your readers can say, ‘Ah, yes -that is me,'” she says. “‘I can do that.'” This is exactly why bw Magazin’ is structured the way it is. “I want to thank my editor, Janet Muniz,” Patricia responds, “because she is the woman behind the stories in bw Magazin’ and I have learned a lot from her. She is a wonderful woman!”

Thank you, Patricia –and thanks for your kind regard, too, Bonnidette. We appreciate it.

If anyone would like to tell their story, or tell the story of a friend, tell us! Visit here and we’ll get you published.

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