A few favorite blogs.

Part of being The Versatile Blogger, awarded to me by Michelle Beish, is passing the award along to 15 new-found blogging buddies and contacting them with congratulations. The whole blog experience is less than a year old for me, so here’s a list of the blogs I’ve “newly-found” so far:

Seth Godin’s Blog – Discovered while trolling my Facebook News Feed, I quickly subscribed to Seth’s daily posts because he’s inspired me in the past and still does today.

Julia Cameron’s Blog –  a long-time practitioner of The Artist’s Way, I recently signed on to Julia Cameron Live, her new online course and community.

Writing It Real BlogSheila Bender is a writer and a teacher. I recently attended her writer’s conference in Port Townsend, WA. Great workshop that’s great fun.

Media Post & Media Bistro blogs – great media industry-type stuff.

Tiny LightsSusan Bono‘s lovely resource for writers and other strangers.

Clouds Full of Rain – Initially, it is the name that captures my attention. Now, I’m interested in Tamika’s journey.

49 and holding – One of the ways I’ve re-connected with cherished friend and old colleague Deborah Cole Wise.

brainywoman’s bw Blog – Every Tuesday, Patricia Anaya serves up her take on The Law of Attraction and more.

SoulPancake – more community than a blog per se, but very social nonetheless. Not to mention I like to chew on life’s big questions.

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