Gray hair envy.

I really admire gray hair on humans, with special mention of  the salt-and-pepper look. I have many friends who sport this chic-ness, as I hope someday to do, too. Only my gray chic is coming from a bottle.

I just returned from my regularly scheduled hair appointment, when I have the “mousy” brown washed right out of it, replaced with a special auburn-dark brown blend … that looks most natural, I must confess. Naturally, my gray strands are covered. And each time I’m asked, “So, what are we doing today?” I mention, “I’d like to go gray.” At this point, I am convinced my hairdresser thinks I’m kidding … she never responds, either way.

My favorite response to my gray hair affinity comes from a high school friend. Her hair has already gone gray – and it’s beautiful to. When I mention this and confess, “If my gray hair would look as stunning as yours, I’d stop coloring it,” she deadpans, “I don’t believe you.” Touché.

So why don’t I go gray? Shame of boomer status? Afraid of job discrimination? Well, it has nothing to do with any of that, really –or my hair- and everything to do with my self-esteem.

I’m afraid I can’t pull it off.

And although I was Gray before I was Muniz, I still can’t shake my low opinion of my looks.

So my gray hair envy will have to wait until another day. And hair appointment.

Photo credit:  permanently scatterbrained

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3 thoughts on “Gray hair envy.

  1. Janet,

    One of mankind’s most benevolent gifts to women is hair color. It’s easy to erase the years with it and so invigorating every time I emerge from the salon with something like a youthful cut and color. It will be a sad day when I allow the gray to stay. To me it will confirm the clock and highlight every ache and pain I work to push against in my aging body and subconscious. For now hair color is helping me deny the years convincingly, both publicly and privately, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


  2. Janet says:

    I wish you didn’t feel the need to deny the years, Linda. For me, gray hair is a triumph, a particular grace, a beauty – that I deny myself. It’s mine to embrace.

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