Good in the kitchen.

Some say those who can, write. Those who can’t (at least right now), cook.

OK, I’m probably the only one who actually says this because it works for me.

Several years ago, after I lose my groove –a burnout, really- I end up getting it back by cooking. I pour all my intention out in front of the stove instead of a computer, until it boils over into my writing practice. Even now, if I’m stuck, I whip up something to eat –generally for someone else. That’s key, too. The entire process clears my mind, helps me to be ready to articulate in my word smith way, if you will.

It isn’t until I hear Alaska-based Bearfoot perform this song at the Grand Targee Bluegrass Festival a couple of years ago, that I get a theme song for cookin’ … at work:

Today’s the kind of day when I’m singing my theme song … “Good in the kitchen, then get ready to be…”

I’m still working on Bearfoot’s follow-up: “You ought a see me in my apron when you’re away…” (That’s right, sweetheart. Smooches.)

Thanks, Bearfoot!

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