Out of Africa.

Over the past weekend, I prepare a meal of beef, adapted from one of Hassan M’Souli’s fabulous  recipes he serves at his restaurant, Out of Africa. Yummy. “Hassan’s decision to leave family and friends behind him brought him to the shores of Sydney – he wanted to be as far away from familiarity as possible – to start an exciting journey in life, in a new and challenging environment…”

… It is Christmas Day, and I am watching the movie, Out of Africa, for the first time. My mom is sitting next to me. Hearing the first note of the late, great John Barry‘s moving soundtrack, my tears flow unchecked. Random experiences like these can touch a person, and it is like this for me now. With silence all around, I hear a loud whisper in my heart and mind, an unexpected connection, an aha moment, a lasting revelation.

Fast forward … “Give me work,” I hear Karen say, joining field workers harvesting coffee beans on her farm …

And I start today.

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