Here, let me say that for you.

Writing the story of a person, business or service is a very personal experience – especially for the writer. To express someone else’s thoughts and ideas accurately, this writer attempts to define the true essence of the subject matter. “What do you really mean?” is the question I answer for myself –and for my clients, pretty much. Then, I get it down on paper using appropriate words, bringing it to life.

The right words, yes … but also, I use format to help tell stories, too. What’s the best way to describe stand-out attributes? Headline? Poem? Long sentence? Music? Picture? Spanish? What kind of feeling lives behind the words? All CAPS? Italic? Bold? How long do I want to hold another’s attention? All these things communicate a thing’s true essence. Especially together, with words. Thoughts and ideas don’t live in a vacuum … can I create an environment in which it can live? Thrive? A moment?

For a writer, this train of thought is second nature. For this writer, at least.

Photo Credit: Flickr, GRwitters



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