Software update.

I’m a PC, and I let my PC update programs automatically.

When these updates fail, an error code is produced … so many times, it’s an unknown error. To me and my computer.

Try and get help with it, and you enter a virtual door that opens to a door that opens to a door that opens to another door. No help, though (Was this helpful to you? No. How can we make it more helpful to you? Exit.)

It’s quite fascinating to me that computer illiterates like me can even update our computers so seamlessly to begin with. Still, I keep wondering about that unknown error “646.”

Each time I turn off my computer, it tries to update itself again –with no luck. Poor thing.

I can feel PC pain. Which is a little like back pain that wakes you up at night. As the poet Rumi says, “No need to snore like a buffalo when this wonder is walking the world.”



5 thoughts on “Software update.

  1. Phyllis R. Furlong, RN says:

    I still remember the old J-1 (Jam) of the early copier machines. At so many points in life, one can get stuck in a J-1. A Jam.

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