Flickr, Thomas Tolkien

As a wanderer of the Tolkien ilk (Not all those who wander are lost), the trip that perplexes me is returning to my childhood home.

It’s a long strange trip, full of forgotten emotions … and anxieties – depending on current circumstances. Many times, the town itself is dark and used, old and frail, rundown.

Not this time, though.

My hometown is looking spiffy.

Seeing my family again is heartwarming.

Reconnecting with good friends after quite a few years is making the difference.



2 thoughts on “Reunion.

  1. Phyllis R. Furlong, RN says:

    As I awoke, this morning, my first thought was of Janet and the vision of the tree representing life, hope and inspiration; how happy she looked, and yet there is never enough time to be together. Though this is true, our hearts reach out to each other despite the distance and passage of time. She must have sensed it, as my first greeting of the morning is from her. We are together in spirit and now I can start my day with a happier heart. Thanks you for starting my day!

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